Run often. Run long. But never outrun your joy of running
Being an avid marathon runner, I am always aware that running requires persistence, discipline and determination.  When we started AssisTech Foundation (ATF), it was the beginning of a brand new run. Our goal was clear. We wanted to address the...
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AssisTech Foundation (ATF) welcomes 10 Disability Technology Start-ups to Cohort 3 Acceleration Program!
AssisTech Foundation (ATF) is working towards growth of the Assistive Technology sector and helping millions of the disabled population around the world live their lives with dignity. In the last two years, we have empowered our portfolio start-ups to do...
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ATF Cohort 3 Start-up Applications – Hitting a Century!
It has been an extremely exciting month for ATF with the ATF Cohort 3 program proving to be a stupendous success. The pall of gloom cast by the pandemic simply melted away when we reviewed the tremendous response received for...
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