ATF Conclave Fireside Chat with Rahul Dravid

The fireside chat with Cricketing Legend Rahul Dravid and the CEO of ATF (AssisTech Foundation) Labs, Mr.Prateek Madhav.

We had Rahul Dravid had him speak about how the work organization is exciting and humbling and how the government needs to be applauded for the good work that happens. He also said that in his area of work, they are so far from the reality and how lending a face and a voice from their side can take the good work out to the masses.

The fireside chat had Prateek traverse through the five themes of – leadership, creativity, talent development, decision making and failure and risk. The conversation explored teams and the vision of the team and the context of the leader. It looked at how good leadership is about how to get everyone to collaborate and work together. He also spoke about how leaders can get people around them to rally together and about leading in changing times. In the context of creativity, they spoke about the ability to allow people to think and express themselves without the fear of failure and know that the expectations are different and how creativity can get incredible results.