About ATF

ATF has built a Business, Technology & Disability ecosystem to help Assistive Technology Startups

Empowering Tomorrow: A Glimpse into Assistech Foundation's Trailblazing Journey

In a world where technology is the catalyst for transformation, the Assistech Foundation stands as a beacon of innovation and compassion. As you open the pages of this brochure, prepare to embark on a captivating journey through the heartwarming narratives of lives touched and futures illuminated by the tireless efforts of the foundation.


Amid the ever-evolving landscape of Assistive Technology (AT), a trailblazing force has emerged, weaving tales of empowerment, inclusion, and progress. 

Innovating the Future

 At the core of the ATF’s philosophy lies an unyielding commitment to innovation. Through supporting entrepreneurs and innovators in the AT ecosystem, we have pioneered groundbreaking solutions that have shattered limitations, granting newfound possibilities to those who once faced insurmountable challenges. In our Acceleration program, i.e. A cohort based program for enabling AT start-ups in Disability understanding, Business, Technology, Organization Design etc. ATF has a portfolio of 42 start-ups, with 100+ assistive technology products and 43 patents spread across 5 cohorts. We have a network of 400+ AT start-ups in India and 1200+ AT start-ups globally along with a network of 55+ mentors across the industry. In the span of three years, 19 ATF Portfolio startups raised 40 Crores collectively.

Empowering Dreams

It’s not just about the gadgets and gizmos; it’s about the dreams we nurture. Through our tireless efforts, we have ignited aspirations, paving pathways for people to thrive, excel, and contribute meaningfully to the AT ecosystem and empower lives of people with disabilities. We have identified and enabled a network of 400+ AT startups in India and ignited the passion to innovate for good for 500+ young minds and students across the nation.

Global Footprints

 From local communities to international platforms, the ripple effect of our initiatives are felt across the globe. Our collaborations, partnerships, and networks have created a powerful ecosystem where innovation knows no bounds. ATF co-founded a Global Alliance on Assistive Technology Innovations and Investments – Inclusive Innovation Network (+N) along with partners across Australia, Canada, Kenya, New Zealand, UK and US. The alliance has a network of 1200+ AT startups.

Visionary Ideation

Assistech Foundation stands at the forefront of global & national thought leadership, driving conversations and sparking visionary ideas that transcend boundaries for the AT ecosystem. ATF is a part of the steering committee instituted by Niti Aayog to design NATIONAL STRATEGIC FRAMEWORK FOR ASSISTIVE  TECHNOLOGY IN INDIA with an objective to make India as a Global Hub of Assistive Technology.

As you eagerly anticipate the full journey through the pages of this brochure, be prepared to witness the embodiment of courage, resilience, and transformation. Assistech Foundation’s unwavering dedication is a testament to the boundless potential of technology when coupled with a vision that knows no limits.

At ATF, our mission is to empower 1 Billion lives of people with disabilities by 2030, i.e. 3100 people with disabilities each day by leveraging Assistive Technology. We need your support to complete our mission. We believe that everybody has the ability to change their disability. Let’s join hands for the noble cause and an inclusive future and #turn_disability_into_ability 

Empowerment. Innovation. Inclusion.