AThlete Unleashed

From Strides to Success: AThlete Unleashed Celebrates Tech Innovation and Diversity

Marking a historic first in Indian marathon culture, a groundbreaking 5km run powered by cutting-edge Assistive Technology (AT) has taken the nation by storm. Adding a remarkable twist, industry leaders and top executives stepped up as buddy runners, setting a remarkable example of inclusion and breaking barriers for persons with disabilities. AssisTech Foundation (ATF) takes immense pride in announcing the successful culmination of AThlete Unleashed, a WIPRO Bengaluru Marathon segment. It was a historic moment in the realm of inclusivity and empowerment through the power of AT Innovation for people with disabilities.

The event, held on October 8th, 2023, witnessed 18 inspiring individuals with disabilities including their dedicated Buddy runners (esteemed CXO & Industry leaders) crossing the finish line together during the 5 kilometer run.

The AThlete Unleashed was flagged off by Dr. Deepa Malik (Padma Shri, Khel Ratna Awardee, President, Paralympic Committee of India, PCI). Moreover, the event held on National Paralympic Day also witnessed two great Padma Shri Awardee – Dr. Deepa Malik and Shekhar Naik, Former Captain Indian Blind Cricket Team, truly inspirational icons who witnessed the run.

AssisTech Foundation is revitalizing lives of People with Disabilities using Assistive Technology which gives them an equal opportunity to learn, live and experience life. We believe technology is an effective tool to create a just society for all. Through our partnership with educational institutions, governments, startups and investors we are creating an Ecosystem that brings all the stakeholders working in the space of Assistive Technology together.

Torchbearers of AThlete Unleashed | CXO Buddy Runners

In a powerful testament to the fusion of technology and inclusion, senior industry leaders and CXOs from various corporations are stepping up as buddy runners, forming a symbiotic relationship that echoes their corporate Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) pledges.

Non-Executive Chair, Surya Software Systems Private Limited ran alongside Shekhar Naik, a Padma Shree Awardee and former Captain of the Blind Indian Cricket Team.

Director, Microsoft Technology Centers and Thayappa, a visually impaired, were seen running with exuberance at the AThlete Unleashed event.

Consul General Swissnex in India, Consulate General of Switzerland paired with Pranav Savla as a guide runner who is a visually impaired Coder and a founder of an NGO named Vidyadrishti.

Managing Partner & Founder, Ideaspring Capital helped propel Kantharaj’s Neo Fly to the finish line.

SVP & GM APAC, Concentrix enjoyed running with Kiran from NeoMotion to run for a cause.

Chairman & Founder, iBiz Catalyst Ventures paired with Somashekhar, a person with Locomotor Disability, to complete the 5k run.

Founder & CEO, ZeroT Plus Technologies LLP ran alongside Rajat from the Winvinaya Foundation.

Founder & CEO, Wealth Managers (India) Pvt Ltd helped Keerthi, a Cerebral Palsy girl from Srishti Special Academy, complete the 5k run

Director, Contours India walked alongside Chaitra who was a hand amputee.

CEO & Managing Trustee, B.PAC - Bangalore Political Action Committee

CEO, Feedback Insights ran with Vimal who communicated with each other with the help of an interpreter during the run

Founder & Business Coach, Jigsaw Thinking partnered with Vikas who’s visually impaired from Deepa Academy, and both of them enjoyed each other's company during the 5k run

Board Member, Association for the Mentally Challenged (AMC) & AssisTech Foundation (ATF) ran alongside Rajat from the Winvinaya Foundation who is Speech and hearing impaired.

Board Member, ATF, Former CEO T-Hub & CIO Government of Telangana Narasimhana completed the 5k marathon in a relaxed manner chit-chatting about all the possible topics under the sky.

Board Member, ATF, Founder & Executive Chairman, TAO The Automation Office helped Ganga Mandel, a Neo Motion user, propel her wheelchair all along the 5k run.

These esteemed leaders, by becoming buddy runners, ran alongside participants with disabilities; they ran alongside progress. Their presence symbolizes the corporate world’s collective responsibility toward creating an inclusive society. It showcases a hands-on approach to D&I, moving beyond boardroom discussions and policy frameworks into the realm of real, tangible impact. Their strides echo the promise of a future where disabilities do not define opportunities, and where AT becomes a standard, empowering tool for everyone.

Guest of Honors: AThlete Unleashed Captivating Leaders

Governor of Karnataka Shri Thawar Chand Gehlot, the President of Karnataka Olympics Association Shri K Govindaraj, and Sports Minister of Karnataka B. Nagendra was present during the flag-off ceremony of the Wipro Bengaluru Marathon 5K Fun run, and also witnessed the zeal and grit of Runners with Disabilities and their Buddy Runners.

Impact - Massive Awareness, Progressive Change & Strides of Innovation

At the core of the ATF’s philosophy lies an unyielding commitment to innovation. Through supporting entrepreneurs and innovators in the AT ecosystem, we have pioneered groundbreaking solutions that have shattered limitations, granting newfound possibilities to those who once faced insurmountable challenges.

With the similar vision, in the WIPRO Bengaluru Marathon, amid the cheers and the determined strides, ATF’s AThlete Unleashed celebrated human spirit, a showcase of innovation, and a beacon of hope. It led to a ripple that starts with running but transcends into every aspect of life, reminding us all that with the right technology and the right mindset, there are no barriers too high, no dreams too big, and no one beyond the reach of empowerment. ATF’s thought leadership in Assistive Technology initiatives shines brightly, lighting the way for a more inclusive future.

The spirit of AThlete Unleashed touched millions of people through the media coverage from notable agencies like Times of India (1 crore 35 lakh daily readers) and The Hindu (14.1 lakh daily readers).  The 18 CXOs and Corporate Leaders who have participated in AThlete Unleashed represented organizations that collectively have around 100,000+ employees under their leadership. Hence, a sensitization and immersion of these leaders created a ripple effect and ultimately set a foundation for further impact within their organizations.

Overall, we were able to reach out to nearly 1.5 crore people and created awareness about the use of Assistive Technology for making lives of People with Disabilities more inclusive.

CXO Experiences - Heartfelt post event notes

As I reached the support point, I was telling myself that it's going to feel bad being on the other side, when I have run this course so many times and paced several times too. That feeling vanished in 5 minutes when I saw familiar faces running by. It felt nice to egg them on.

Chandra Gopalan

(Director - Contours India)

We take things for granted in life and little things matter. Last Sunday, I was part of a segment of Wipro Bengaluru Marathon, called #AThleteUnleashed spearheaded by AssisTech Foundation (ATF). I have actively participated in many runs till date but this was executed in the true spirit of #Inclusivity. There were about 25 participants with various challenges and 25 buddy runners on a 5K mission.

Sandeep Alur

(Director - Microsoft Technology Center)

Sunday was a special day! Proud & privileged to have taken part in the Wipro Bengaluru Marathon -5 K run for AThlete Unleashed, organized by AssisTech Foundation (ATF), showcased the transformative power of Assistive Technology (AT) in making running inclusive for differently abled individuals in India.

Revathy Ashok

(CEO & Managing Trustee - B.PAC)

Prateek, Thanks so much for inviting me. It was a great pleasure to participate in this walk, special thanks to Shekhar who took wonderful care of me throughout the walk/run. I am surprised that I could do 5.4 km at a stretch and all it proves is that the mind is bigger than the body! May Shri Rama give you strength to make many people happy with the results of your work.

D.N. Prahlad

(CEO & MD Surya Software Systems Pvt. Ltd.)

AThlete Unleashed Media Coverage

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