ATF Initiatives

ATF has built a Business, Technology & Disability ecosystem to help Assistive Technology Startups
ATF's Ecosystem will empower Start-ups & Persons with Disability
For Start-ups

Access to Disabled Community (Beneficiaries, NGOs, Experts)
Fundraising / Scaling
Distribution Channels for Assistive Technology Solutions

For Persons with Disability

Technology innovation in the disabled space
Reduced cost of solutions
Increased availability of assistive products

ATF Initiatives

At ATF, we believe in delivering an impact in the lives of people with disabilities through various inclusive initiatives. Our ultimate goal is to enable living, livelihood and learning of persons with disabilities.


The ATF Awards have been instituted to primarily address the existing gap in leveraging technology and ushering in positive change in the disability space and also to increase awareness about disability. The first edition of the ATF awards consisted of 10 awards in 3 main categories that recognize not only the startups in the assistive technology space but also the ecosystem enablers including corporates, NGOs, governments, educational institutions and investors who have successfully harnessed technology for meaningful change.

The ATF Awards is a sincere attempt to inspire more people to step forward and share our vision of creating a disabled friendly world. We want to position these stories centerstage and have established several strategic partnerships to turn this vision into reality. We hope to find solutions for problems such as limited governmental support and policy, lack of funding and awareness that plague the assistive technology sector through this initiative.

The ATF Award logo is an abstract ‘I’ that signifies the independence that can empower a person with disabilities when technology, passion and society work together. The award trophy was designed by Titan and launched by Legendary Cricketer Rahul Dravid. Principal Scientific Adviser to the Government of India – Prof. K. Vijay Raghavan delivered the keynote address on the occasion of the final virtual award ceremony in June 2021.


Vaccine Inclusive Nation (VIN) is a mission to vaccinate people with disabilities on priority. ATF has been able to help vaccinate 8583 people with disabilities and their caregivers so far.


While around 74% of total Indians are literate, the stats for the people with disability stands at only 55%*. One of the major reasons for this include lack of accessible technologies at a fair price to all, a dropout rate of 44% and lack of policies.

Furthermore, research shows that out of the 3% quota reserved for PWD in higher education, only 0.56% is occupied, again the reason being lack of quality in basic education.

Global Assistive Technology Platform (GAP) is an initiative that aims to create a unified K-12 solution which  can impact more than a million children with disabilities across India in their education. It will collaborate with all the stakeholders (Government, Start-ups, Disability service providers, educators, employers, societal platforms, etc.) to help solve larger disability issues in the areas such as Inclusive living, education, and mobility.

Through this project, we aspire to reduce the gaps and challenges and focus on providing a solution using technology to help the children in their basic education. The use of technology can help a child with disability pursue their education normally and lead an independent life.


  • Offers a complete learning experience that integrates classes, assessments, and personalized assignments, along with in-depth analysis and recommendations
  • Unlimited access to conten
  • Scales to meet the demands of more than 1 million students across India
  • Takes advantage of newer technologies to create innovative new products
D&I Advisory

D & I advisory aims at enabling Corporates to increase their talent pool via Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities in Workforce, Advisory to Government Startup Missions and Impact Funds.

Persons with disabilities represent about 15% of the world’s population. But their participation in the workforce is disproportionately low. Worldwide, estimates hold that up to 80% are not employed.

In higher-income countries, the employment rate of persons with disabilities is estimated at 44%; in lower income countries, it falls to as low as 10-20%. Even if companies hire persons with disabilities, many aren’t nurturing their talents or helping them reach their potential.

Through Disability and Inclusion advisory, we provide consultancy services to organisations who strive to establish inclusive workplace standards. Through our advisory services, we make sure that inclusion is sustainable and not only ensures non-discriminated hiring but also incorporates engaging, enabling and empowering people with disabilities in workplace settings.

+N alliance

With this initiative, ATF aims to establish an inclusive innovation network through Global Collaboration with AT focused initiatives in Australia, UK, Kenya, Canada, US, China and New Zealand. Access to global ideas, capital & markets.

Upcoming programs
  • Digital AT Sandbox
  • AT Wiki
  • AT Marketplace
  • Ecosystem Builder
  • Limitless- The possibility code
ATF is positively impacting lives of 460,000 People with Disabilities
Impact is delivered through a variety of Inclusive Initiatives…
  • Acceleration Program for AT Startups
  • +N Inclusive Innovation Network
  • AT Impact Fund
  • Digital AT Sandbox
  • AT Marketplace
  • Inclusion & Diversity (I&D) Advisory
  • Special Programs like vacc-I-nation
  • Global Assistive Technology Platform (GAP)
  • AT Wiki
  • ATF Awards
  • The One Tech (ToT)
  • Limitless – The Possibility Code
  • AT Experience Centre
  • Fellowship to Entrepreneurs with Disabilities
  • Partnership Ecosystem (Government, Non-Profits, Corporate, Education Institutes, Investors and Assistive Technology Start-ups)