1. Nominations/ Applications

  • Enterprises need to nominate themselves to contest for the awards. Only those enterprises which nominate will be considered for the award process
  • Nominees will be required to fill in the application as part of the nomination process. The application link can be found on the Apply section.
  • The entries will be judged solely based on the information provided by the nominee in the application form

2. screening

  • Each nomination goes through extensive scrutiny and checks for completion and veracity.
  • An initial screening of the received applications will be carried out. Incorrect category nominations will be filtered out. Incomplete applications will not be eligible for further evaluation process.

3. Shortlisting

  • 3 nominations per award category will be shortlisted by the Evaluators. The shortlisted enterprises will be chosen based on the research and framework finalized by the ATF awards committee
  • The CEO/Founders/representative of the nominee may be contacted for a telephonic discussion in case of clarification requirements on any details

The short listing will be done on a number of quantitative and qualitative criteria. The parameters are broadly described below:

Emerging: Best AT Start Up for Innovation

  • Innovative Idea that would also be practical
  • Translation of Innovative Idea through technology into an innovative Product or Solution
  • Usage of a powerful differentiator vis a vis competition/ existing technology or product
  • Ease of communicability of the product/ solution’s uniqueness and What’s-in-it-for-me (WIIFM)

Established: Most Impactful AT Start Up

  • Demonstrated visibility/Results for creating Value and Market impact
  • Quantitative impact on number of people
  • Cross disability impact
  • Geographic Diversity

Established: Best AT Start Up: People’s choice

  • Innovation
  • Relevance/ Impact of the product/ solution
  • Market Attractiveness

Established: Women Ahead: Best Woman-led start up

  • Strategy & Business Model
  • Market and Growth-related results
  • Innovation and Value
  • Founder or Co-founder a woman

Established: Best AT Start Up: Jury’s choice

  • Innovation
  • Business Model
  • Impact/ Relevance
  • Market results and Growth
  • Team Capability to Deliver

ATF Awards for Enablers: NGO/ Government/ Education Institute/ CSR Initiatives

  • Awareness creation
  • Implementation Strategy of Assistive Technology
  • Results of implementation
  • Sustainability of the initiative

Criteria for Investors

  • % of portfolio used for AT
  • Number and Geographic Diversity of Start Ups invested in
  • Disability Diversity of Startups invested in
  • Executive Sponsorship & Mentoring Model
  • Demonstrated Investment Acumen: Success stories

4. Selection

A distinguished jury panel comprising of industry thought leaders will deliberate and select the winner for each category

5. Awards Presentation

The awards honorees’ thus selected based on a process involving a combination of research, and experience of renowned jury panel will be declared on the occasion.

Guidelines for Best AT Start-up – People’s Choice Award:

  • A voter can only vote once through 1 email id
  • Voting for multiple startups by same person is not allowed
  • Changing your vote after a successfully voting for a startup may not be allowed
  • Voter needs to provide name & email id (mandatory) and company name & mobile # (optional) in the form provided while voting
  • Voting will be open once start-up has applied for the People’s choice award for ATF awards in F6S (Best AT Start Up: People’s Choice) and its application has been approved by ATF team
  • Once the voting link is provided to the startup, they can share the same with their well wishers to vote for them. Each startup will be given a window of 7 days during which votes can be casted

Please note:

  • Your organization doesn’t have to pay any fees to apply to ATF Awards

Who can Apply?

For Startup Awards (Emerging and Established)

Any entity which qualifies to be a start-up, as per the definition of Government of India, is eligible to apply for ATF awards. These include:-

  • Age of the entity should not be more than 10 years as of 31 March 2022
  • For Best AT Start Up for Innovation (Product/ Technology) award in Emerging Category, age of entity should not be more than 2 years as of 31 March 2022
  • Entities incorporated as either a private limited company or a registered partnership firm or a limited liability partnership with Registrar of Companies
  • Annual turnover should not have exceeded Rs 25 crore for any of the financial years since incorporation / registration
  • Entity should not have been formed by splitting up or reconstruction of a business already in existence

ATF Awards – terms and conditions of entry

  • Only Enterprises (startups & enablers) who use & leverage Assistive Technology as a major change driver are eligible for the ATF Awards
  • Enterprises can choose to apply to multiple awards categories. In this case, they’ll have to necessarily fill application for each category separately
  • The judging panel reserves the right to consider an entry in a different category to the one it was submitted into
  • Entries received after the deadline may not be considered
  • We may ask for additional information may be requested after the deadline
  • The decision of the jury is final