ATF Fellowship

ATF Fellowship

ATF Fellowship is a 12-month program for young professionals who aspire to impact the livelihood, learning and living of people with disabilities. The fellowship program aims to engage bright, young minds in the mission of making this world more inclusive and accessible for over 1 billion people with disabilities in the world. The program will give the fellows an opportunity to work and contribute to the disability sector through technology as an enabler. The fellows will get opportunities to work with our talented cohort startup founders and ATF’s senior board members and advisors.


Bachelor’s degree in Arts/Commerce/ Sciences/Law/ Engineering/ Management
2+ years of work experience in any sector

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Deadline : October 15, 2022 23:59 IST.

Why start a Fellowship?

The ATF Fellowship Program has been conceptualized with a vision to invite young and entrepreneurial minds to further strengthen the mission of creating a world of joy for every person with disability in the world. The sector of disability and assistive technology is very new to the world. But with the urgency and pressing requirement of solutions for people with disabilities need maximum number of young people who can bring in fresh ideas, create new technologies, do pioneering research and lead initiatives.

During the course of the fellowship, the fellows will not only develop project
management skills, research experience, design thinking, problem solving frameworks but also develop a unique understanding of the accessibility and inclusion space.