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Eye-D builds innovative solutions for the blind and Visually Impaired (VI).These solutions act as a true companion, helping them achieve independence in 3 major areas – Learning, Identification and Navigation.


Innovision is a passionate, young team seeking to transform people's lives with our products. Our assistive technology innovations are focused at creating an inclusive world with a firm belief that technology can empower the differently abled.


Inclov is a matchmaking platform based out of Delhi and launched in 2016 for people with disabilities, Inclov claims to have changed the way people look at matrimony websites.

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BleeTech Innovations offers design and technology based solutions for the deaf community.


Illuminify Tech is an Assistive Technology startup founded in 2019 with the collective goal of enhancing the way of life of humans.


Indent Designs Private Limited (IDPL) is a research and development firm focused on developing new technologies in various walks of life.


Punar is a group of entrepreneurs who truly believe in the words of Dean Kamen, “Every once in a while, a new technology, an old problem, and a big idea turn into an innovation.

See Sound Live

See Sound Live is an assistive technology developed by 4S Medical Research P Ltd, with the help of funding from Govt. of India.


Symbionic aims to engineer an affordable and user intuitive electro mechanical prosthetic arm for trans-humeral (Above elbow) amputees, controlled through a sensor network consisting of electromyography-based sensors with Artificial Intelligence based pattern recognition at its core.


Tactopus creates multi-sensory learning aids for children of ages 3+, with a focus on ensuring those with disabilities (visual, developmental, learning) are able to participate equally in learning opportunities.


Torchit is an ISO-certified social tech-startup that empowers persons with disabilities to lead a dignified, independent, and meaningful life through design and development of state-of-the-art technological innovations using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

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Trestle Labs

Trestle Labs empowers the Blind and Visual-impaired community towards inclusive education and employment by enabling real-time access to any Printed, Handwritten and Digital content through audio across 12 Indian and multiple international languages.

Invention Labs Engineering Products

Invention Labs creates assistive technology products that empower and educate people with disabilities.


Cogniable has innovated AI based detection and intervention solutions for Autism Spectrum Disorder all managed remotely through Mobile application.


Innaumation helps in bringing back the voice of patients who have lost their voice because of throat cancer.


DeepVision Tech is empowering people with disabilities with AI based innovative solutions. Their Let’sTalkSign solution enables easy two-way communication between deaf, speech & hearing impaired and others.

Digital Arts Academy for the Deaf LLP

DAAD- An Edu-Tech start-up delivering accessible tech education for deaf in India.

Aumeesh Tech

Aumeesh Tech is working to build Dynamic Knee Ankle Foot Orthosis (KAFO) - India’s first mechanical KAFO to help people with Locomotor Disabilities.

Kickstart Cabs

Kickstart Cabs is India's first accessible transportation provider based out of Bangalore.


MyUdaan offers a single epi-center app connecting Technology, Product & Services creating India’s first Mobility ecosystem for people with disabilities.

True Consultancy

True Consultancy enables inclusion by making transport accessible to persons with partial/limited/reduced mobility. They offer an award-winning swivel seat mechanism for cars, TurnPlus, which addresses a very important aspect of easy commute.

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Biomonk Pvt Ltd

Biomonk is focussed on researching, developing and commercializing novel and socially benefiting Healthcare products. Their initial product is a data driven stroke therapy device with a novel biofeedback system enabled using virtual reality and electrical stimulation.


ForHealtha biomechanical technology-driven company with a focus on musculoskeletal and neurological fitness. Their core purpose is to transform the physical rehabilitation and fitness sector by developing robotic assistive technologies, backed by patent pending inventions.

Glovatrix Pvt Ltd

Glovatrix is focussed on enabling seamless communication between people of all abilities. They have designed a pair of gloves that translate sign language gestures to speech and text using sensors and AI algorithms so that deaf and mute people can interact with everyone seamlessly without being dependent on a sign language interpreter.

Grapes Club

Grapes Club brings together elderly and disabled on a digital technology platform and connect them with the providers of products (wheelchairs, sticks, etc) and services (doctors, physiotherapist, etc).

K-two healthcare Pvt Ltd

K-Two Healthcare is working towards providing high quality assistive technology devices through a clinical setting. They own two brands KARE which deals with prosthetics & orthotics and SCOOT which deals with wheelchairs & mobility aids.

Lifespark Technologies

Lifespark Technologies is a healthcare technology company. They are currently building a product to improve mobility and reduce falls in Parkinson’s Disease patients including a wearable device that provides sensory-cueing based therapy to improve gait, reduce falls and consequently improve quality of life.


NeoMotion is an assistive technology venture for improving the lives of people who use wheelchairs. They have two products available in the market. NeoFly is the first Indian Wheelchair that is customized to the user. It is built to add higher comfort, higher mobility, higher maneuverability and higher ergonomics. On the other hand, NeoBolt is the ultimate innovation that helps Wheelchair Users move around independently, not within the house, but to Work, to Shop, to Anywhere.

Phonologix Health Solutions Pvt. Ltd

Phono Logix is led by renowned speech therapists and is currently building an assisted technology platform for hybrid therapy model that combines Speech Pathologist led online therapy services with parent/ facilitator.

SHG Technologies Pvt Ltd

SHG Technologies is creating assistive devices for people with visual impairment using AI, ML and Machine Vision. Their initial product, SMART VISION is an assistive wearable device which incorporates Artificial Intelligence, Machine Vision and Machine Learning to recognize faces, objects, expression, and surroundings.


Sociodent is an early stage startup redefining oral healthcare for dependent individuals. The value proposition includes gradual independence in this task of periodic oral hygiene, reduced complications from compromised oral hygiene and increased quality of life. The device is portable and efficiently designed to provide safe and effective oral hygiene for dependent individuals.


Transcribe Glass aims at enriching the lives of people with disabilities by designing and building innovative assistive technology solutions to increase accessibility in their daily lives. TranscribeGlass is an affordable, comfortable wearable device that projects closed captions from a variety of sources onto a heads-up display in the wearer’s field of view.

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Backyard Creators Pvt. Ltd.

Backyard Creators is building a world's first Adhesive Non Surgical hearing device for by birth and severe hearing loss patients without the hearing implant surgeries. They are overcoming all the disadvantages of Implantation surgery by providing a non-surgical adhesive hearing aid.

Dextroware Devices

Dextroware Devices is a startup that is developing a head mouse for people with upper-limb disabled to control smart devices.

H Vision & Innovations LLP

Vision has invented a wallet that allows blind people to identify currency notes and also determine if they are authentic or fraudulent. Vision has also invented the world's most compact currency note checker for the sighted people which is so compact that one can use it as a key chain, attachment on smart phone cover, wallet/ purse etc.

Kidaura Innovations Pvt Ltd

A startup developing a digital game based screening tool for autism and developmental conditions. They are also creating a child therapy delivery platform for providing assistance in home-reinforcement of therapies.

Learn and Empower Pvt Ltd.

Startup that developed a game based teaching and assessment platform that enables the deaf and hard of hearing kids practice and understand what they learn at school 4-6x better while enabling the educators to use it as a teaching aid and assessment tool.

NEMA Artificial Intelligence Pvt Ltd.

NEMA AI is India’s first EEG based special education platform for the children with special needs that helps in assessment and curation of learning content based on their strengths and weaknesses.

Ripple Healthcare Pvt Ltd

A startup developing a product “HIP PRO+” is a smart wearable device that protects elderly from the traumatic and often deadly fall-induced hip injuries. With an acceptable design offered at a fractional cost, it empowers the elderly to lead a dignified lifestyle.

Punarjeeva Technology Solutions

A startup reimagining the rehabilitation of society through gamified physiotherapy by exploiting the technological tentacles and providing opportunities that help them lead an independent and supreme life by stitching knowledge into the tasks. Their portfolio of products include Samatved (Balancing Gamified Exercises for Lower Body), Hasth (Handtracking based system for fine motor skills), Tatvika (VR based solution for physio motor, cognitive and music therapy) and Nibodh (Blended Learning product for problem solving and creative skill development.)

Robo Bionics

Assistive Tech Solution company with a focus on Rehabilitation of Hand related issues like Amputation, Limb Difference, Nerve Damage, Paralysis, Tendon Injury etc. Their Core competency involves providing a Sense of Touch to such solutions to improve the user experience and accelerate rehabilitation and User Independence.


Vifr Tech is harnessing the power of VR for training and educating neurodiverse young adults in a fun way. Their product, Halara is a complete virtual reality special education platform to train and teach young adults with autism and other neurodevelopmental conditions.